Revised 6/8/11/19

Annual BBQ-Sept 7, 2019 1PM

         If a member's key card is deactivated and does not work and
               you let that member in, you could face disciplinary action by
                the Board, including deactivation of your key card.

                              Range Closures-Scroll ALL the way down

(Per Tom Stewart- Please be advised that dates can change at anytime)

ATTENTION: Outside back doors of range is a flatbed trailer where stands and targets are kept.

Every Sunday Invictus No Shooting 8AM-4PM
1st Fri Pin Shooters 7PM
    2nd Wed Pin Shooters 6 PM
 3rd Sun Pin Shooters 5 PM
Sunday June 30, 2019 --- will be open at 2PM
Sunday July 7   "
Sunday July 14   "

Note: You can shoot on set up days (day before rental) and clean up day (day after rental). You can also shoot day before and day after a training class. There will be no shooting on day of rental, or when the hall is in use.